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Bio-Ceramic Gloves & Socks

Prolotex Gloves & Socks: A Safe, Natural Solution for Cold Hands and Feet at an affordable price.

Comfort Fit Bio-Ceramic Socks

Comfort Fit Bio-Ceramic Socks

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Comfort Fit Bio-Ceramic Socks
Model:  Comfort Fit
Color:  Black, White
4 Sizes in Black:  S, M, L, XL
1 Sizes in White:  XL
Size Chart: Measure Here

For Men, Women & Children
Sold in pairs

Prolotex™ Bio-Ceramic "COMFORT FIT" Socks

Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared Socks

Gloves for Cold Hands at an affordable price.

(a lot more affordable than Prescriptions)

All of our Prolotex™ Gloves help to stimulate the circulation in your hands and fingers. This will increase the overall warmth in your hands and help prevent them from getting so cold.

You can wear them under other gloves or mittens too. Wear them often & to gain the warming benefits of the natural far infrared emitting bio-ceramics.

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